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Updates and Current Events:


Beginning April 1st we will be working remotely. Our entire inventory of property can be accessed online and donees are welcome to call or email about property they would like to receive. We will make arrangements for pick up of EMERGENCY property or MISSION ESSENTIAL property that minimizes person to person contact. Property for any other need can be put on hold and picked up at a later date.

NOTICE:  We have updated our State Plan of Operation and have posted it for public comment. This plan is developed under State law and approved by GSA for the management and administration of our program in the donation of property.  If you have any comments or concerns, please reach out to us by utilizing the contact tab listed above

Have you been interested in becoming a NASASP Member? View the NASASP Membership Form to learn more and become a NASASP Member today! With every Membership we are issuing a $50 credit towards your next purchase (once verification of membership has been made).

Liner, Bio-Hazard, 100 CT $10.00 Per Box

Container, Sharps, 5 GAL $10.00 ea. (Also available in 3 and 2 gallons under different asset numbers)

CLOSURES: May 25th


Federal Surplus Property: About Us

The Federal Surplus Property program acquires property no longer required by the federal government and transports, stores, and distributes the property to eligible agencies and programs. The Department of Administration administers the Federal Surplus Property program in Idaho. Operations are in full swing at the Federal Surplus Property warehouse location.

OTHER STATES' FEDERAL SURPLUS PROPERTY PROGRAM: Fifty-six agencies distribute Federal Surplus Property to states and U.S. territories. For information on other states' programs, contact the National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP).

The Idaho Federal Surplus is an Equal Opportunity Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request.

Who Is Eligible


Participation is open to state and public agencies, certain non-profit organizations, and some specific businesses made eligible through the Small Business Administration that have registered with the program. Individuals are not eligible to purchase from the program.

If you have questions regarding eligibility, please Contact Us.


A written application must be sent to the Office Administrator. Print and complete the forms below, and email them to Office Administrator. Every three (3) years, applicants must renew their application.

Property Terms and Conditions

Property Availability

Federal Surplus Property includes a wide variety of new and used property; such as construction and maintenance equipment, vehicles, furniture, office supplies, etc. 

To see the available property:

Direct Property Pick-up

Property is available on an “As Is/Where Is” basis.

Direct Pick-up Pricing

Additional costs are charged to ship or deliver property from the Federal Surplus Property warehouse to your location.

Handling Charges

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